Klahanie School

Klahanie School

Type of Program : Montessori Antibias Year Round Preschool

Contact: http://www.klahanieschool.org/, klahanieschool@gmail.com

Ages Served: 2.5-3yrs, 3yrs-6yrs

Description of Program: Klahanie School is a Year Round Montessori Antibias multi-age Early Education school based on social-emotional research findings for deeper inclusion and trust building practices for our classroom communities.  Both 2-3yr Class and 3-6yr class offer students time with teachers to explore our developmentally supported environments and experiences creating trusting space to find calm and joy in individualized learning and permission practice play.  Teachers support students ongoing through specific Montessori, Antibias and varying Specialized learning curricula to enhance student’s confidences and joys in learning about Self, Friends and the greater Earth.  Teachers and administration value partnerships with varying early learning experts.  Klahanie School is a proud member of American Montessori Society, and in process of accreditation.  

2-3yr Class: Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 12:30-2:30pm (limited spots remaining)

3-6yr Class (through Kindergarten): Monday-Thursdays 8:30am-12 (enrolling Kindergarten spots)

Special Needs: Yes (families provide therapist contacts, reports for Team support)

Student to Teacher Ratio: 2.5-3yr class 5:1, 3-6yr class 6:1

Meals: snack/lunch provided by families 

Holidays: runs with school district calendar, with Year Round schedule exception of longer breaks in the district school year, and summer weeks.  Please find the school calendar on our website. 

Buses: No (school carpool encouraged & supported)

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