Carpool: Check out Safe People to Connect, form Community

Morning Klahanie School,

As all our Peacemakers around the world of the past, of today and the voices of our youth today: Peace starts here, inside self and in our backyard. Conflict is alive everyday, and we have abilities in our daily pauses to connect meaningfully, creating healthy relationship pathways, and that in itself is changing the world.

Carpool in school community with safe, screened connections is a magically important and helpful support for families in schools on a couple of levels:

  • Children form new, important Protective extension safeties with people in their world, their community, that many times extends into their older youth to adult years. You become a Protective factor in their life, and they can seek you for support when feeling uncertain, lost, in grief moments. By starting early as a support in these informative learning brain years of anxiety separation, you are helping say to children: I value you, you are important. I am here to help you. I see and hear and smell and care for you. From experience professionally and personally, family community forming is one of the most profoundly moving and important elements to the puzzles of healthy relationship development and tending. Please consider the training Mental Health First Aid, profoundly inspiring how we all can help on a consistent level by being safe, trusting people in young people’s lives. And if you need more tools in your toolbelt to support your child and others, please checkout for incredible starting points and referrals to supported learnings and practices.
  • You get more capacity for time. Carpooling allows practice for more acute preparation for your family and child ahead of time to reap the rewards of more time in other areas in the day and week.
  • You too as a parent form trusts and community, maybe even friendships.
  • The Sense of community becomes more fun due to inclusiveness.
  • Possibilities for more unexpected moments for engagement with your child, more pauses.
  • Routine has flexibility for people rotating driving, the children comfortable because everything is based on the consistency of the time and establishing connection with each adult.

And a big one carpool helps with its environment support for less carbon footprint and: this helps maintain a healthy-sustainable relationship within neighborhoods.

Fun to all getting to know each other and happy plans and connections making to all


Klahanie School staff

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