Tuition Assistance: Scholarships & Auction Fundraiser Information

Starts Tomorrow!

Join us at our Annual Klahanie School Pie Virtual Auction, a Scholarship Fundraiser,
happening August 26th– August 30th. Klahanie School has been a dedicated educational resource for children since 2009 and continues a path of inclusion and “education as a weapon for peace,” supporting community change for an equitable, trust-building, circle-centered program, empowering young people to continue learning and growing in this ever-changing world. Your support matters for the children in our community and for the community as a whole. Here is a link to “live” event will auction off pies, cider, experiences and more, starting at 9:00 am PT on the 26th of August:

This is the week! Our Annual Klahanie School Pie Virtual Auction, a Scholarship
Fundraiser, starts this Thursday, August 26th, and goes through Tuesday, August 30th.
Here is a link to “live” event, where we auction off pies, cider, experiences at/with local businesses and more: You can also simply make a donation here, as well. Our newest addition to the Virtual Auction is donated by local fine artist, Pam Ingalls. The painting, entitled “Cup of Sweetness” is 4.5” x 6.5” and with frame is 13.75” x 11.75.” It is valued at $1,000.
NOTE: By clicking “Register,” you will keep updated through the auction website about the event as it nears, as well.

Thank you for your continued support! We will kick the auction off at starting at 9:00 am PT on the 26th of August. Hope to see you there.

Everything you donate goes directly to the children, families, teachers, facilities. We work to create early connection, support, witness for children’s learning processes from an early age which branches to depth in trust, empathy, kindness, inclusion and connection creation with in the school experience and outward to the community exchanges. Klahanie School has been in business since 2009 and plans are to continue a path of welcoming inclusion and “education as a weapon for peace” to support community change for an equitable, trust-building circle-centered programming to empower the young people to continuing the confidences and resiliencies to love learning and growing in this ever changing world.

Our school community is based deeply in the daily practice of inclusion. If a child approaches a group of two or more children together and asks, “can I play with you?” our Klahanie School response is “sure we’ll figure it out. We are playing… what do you want to be?”. The focus of that practice includes families and enrollment to the school pathways. As a community it is our responsibility to create equitable, reliable and accessible environments centered in inclusion, anti bias practices and celebration of self in social connecting.

Our job has just begun. Thank you for helping us grow the early education garden of backyard change that expands in support each new school year. Thank you for helping us grow to include annual savings for civic-charitable donation to organizations working to empower the vulnerable in our country, in our world. Please look for links of fantastic organizations we seek to continue to know and support their work in education racial equity movements.

Engaging ways you can extend support

Who You Are Helping

Klahanie School is a nonprofit, EIN 84-4234462 and everything you donate goes directly to the children, families, teachers, facilities. We work to create early connection, support, witness for children and families from an early age which branches to depth in empathy, kindness and connection within the school and out to our community.

The Montessori philosophy foundation is “Follow the child”.  Using the interests and needs of the children as a guide, a learning environment is created. The environment is prepared to be developmentally appropriate and interesting while nurturing the creative and problem solving methods. The prepared environment encourages children to move about at will, making choices and building skills toward independence.

With a world full of disconnect and extended family many times living far away, we feel committed to offering an environment where children and guardians can experience sincere levels of support.  Teachers at Klahanie School maintain high levels of training in varying social-emotional support oriented fields.  Our work to support youth is incredibly important.  Children are facing larger societal obstacles daily during growth transitions from early informative years to early adulthood.  Family education and support is essential and offered through our Montessori Peace-Empathy programming in ways of parent education nights in Social Emotional benchmarks/ Brain Development, Mindfulness and Compassionate Listening introduction and practice while using our “Follow the Child” foundation to build from.  The intention is to offer consistent and sustainable support and learning for the entire family.  

Over the years Klahanie School’s growth in community showed repeated residual benefits for the health within families and youth being supported in growth transitions.  Children who graduate and participate in Vashon Klahanie School programming find empowerment opportunities in continued community and mentorship outreach opportunities.  The practice of prevention in furture possible sexual harassment, sexual assaults, and sexual abuse, lack of self-esteem later in life is a focual point for Klahanie School team to offer youth healthy skills sets to use when life becomes more complicated and impacting.   A thriving society supports all individuals in achieving their full potential and in being fully valued.  We have witnessed the power of our Klahanie School Montessori Peace-Empathy programming centered on Circle work, one of the central components of our work with our island youth.  These Circles are a safe place for youth varying in ages of Early Education, Elementary, Middle School and high-school to share, to be supported, and to learn incredibly valuable social-emotional skills.  In these Circles connections are built and fostered between varying ages from all social and popularity groups, all ethnic and racial backgrounds, and all socio-economic classes.  Everyone is welcome and accepted.  In addition, the young people and families receive ongoing mentorship and support from trained and skilled Teachers. 

Klahanie School admits students of any race.  Klahanie School does not discriminate against applicants or students on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic origin or financial abilities.

On-Going Donor to a Family

Can you become, or know of a person who seeks to support the Montessori Peace, Antibias foundation programming at Klahanie School for Our Island’s Fabulous Young People we are honored to witness, support and celebrate? Who might you know might donate sustainably to family scholarships and equitable teacher salary this school year? Thank you for the consideration of broadening the scope of accessibilities to families seeking kindness and trust nurturing space for their child. Please see our Forms page under Enrollment Tuition for support idea specifics.

Please email the school with each bid.

Annual Pie and Speciality-Vashon Island Auction & LIvestream Raffle
Thank you for a Fabulous First Ever Livestream Fundraiser! Just in the Livestream we raised $6950.00 (donations coming in & Counting!) Due to Donors in our Community and Massive Love from Community Bidders, You All Created Scholarships!
Your annual talents and kindness supported early education and inclusive foundations for our island youth. Thank you for the magic, you Donors make that possible!
Mahalo for the fun and connecting and see you next August 2021!

Our goofy and connection and humor-fun based Silent Livestream Auction can be viewed on If you find that you are inspired by the passion we hold for the children and families, teacher, specialists we are honored to work beside, please consider donation sustainably or one time.

Thank you Co-MC Jeff Miller for on-the spot/LiveStream donation additional magic add-ons!!

Thank you Kristine and Tammy Kernz for you substantial donation for school supports!

Thank you Anna and Isaac Slade, Jordan Beck and Thomas Vroom for amazing community donations to school enrichment!

Thank you for considering your availability for helping us maintain functioning and family, teacher supports during this time of transitioning to New.

Below is a sample of our Incredible 2020 COVID19 Virtual Pie Auction Donors Donations that make our event possible!

We speak with more than our mouths.  We listen with more than our ears.

Whether we’re a preschooler or a young teen, a graduating college senior or a retired person, we human beings all want to know that we’re accepted, that our being alive somehow makes a difference in the lives of others.

Relationships are like dances in which people truly to find whatever happens to be the mutual rhythm in their lives.  

There are three ways to ultimate success:

The first way is to be kind.

The second way is to be kind.

The third way is to be kind. 


Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember


Thank you for donating to our school in however many magic entries you seek to add as donation. We deeply appreciate the support.


Thank you for helping our garden grow.

Thank you to our amazing donor community that continues to grow!

Kim Graham and Kaye Steen Peggy and Glenn Kellow William Graham

Jen and Bob Keller/ Pacific Crest Jeff and Colleen Miller Susanna Williams & Eric Perley

Jordan and Thomas Vroom Mo Brule Jim & Cheryl/Nashi Orchards

Drey Neeley/ Gravy Snap Dragon Lia Lira/ Bramble House Chris Koebre/ Earthen

Tom Conway/ Tall Clover Farm Gates Johnson Sugar Shack Marla Smith

Lauren Garaventa/ Ruby Brink Susan & Doug Swan Karen Biondo Nanny Berry

Heidi Grimsley Sue Armintrout Gerry Day Sandra Matthews Michelle Day

Gillian Doepke and Holly Meyer Shauna Ahern Diane Kidder Jan and Bob Ruddick

Coralee and Aida Keller Ava Denherder Rebecca Bensen Maven Glenda Berliner

Tavi Black Hannah and Justin Hanseth Deja and Brian Starr/ Vashon Bikes

Jim and Cheryl Hunter Liz Carlson Annie Brule & Russell Baker

Thank you to all the fun bidders of the past who have created the most joy and celebration of raising funds for families during our live auction dinners we look forward to sharing with you someday again. In the meantime, we are excited to share our livestream auction in full merriment as we focus on the intention for sustainable and most importantly, equitably focused programming accessibility to our local community of youth and families and teachers. Thank you for being a seed of opportunity to us.

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