March 2023

Tuition pricing for all programming is listed on the Forms Page. Please note: tuition may have slight increase due to insurance and administrative increases.

Please note: Klahanie School 2022-2023, 2023-2024 school years and onward will be transitioning to a Year Round School year format to best serve our early learners and working families and sustainable employment securities for teachers. Wonderful information has been gathered regarding the social-emotional and anti-anxiety benefits of ongoing schooling, with period breaks that compliment our district holiday calendar. 2022-2023 calendar is listed below, please make note that holiday date (ie spring break, winter break, ect.) might be shifted once Vashon Island School District posts their calendar, as we seek to compliment those similar dates for families.

2022-2023 School Times

3-6yr Montessori Anti-bias Multiage Class: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-Noon

2-3yr Montessori Anti-bias Toddler Class: 12:30-2:30pm

Tuition programming may experience slight increases due to insurance rate and administrative cost increases. Programming pays for this necessities as well as Teacher salaries.

Please contact the School Executive Director, Emily Graham if you find yourself unable to supply the materials needed: Food, Warm/Water Non-permeable Pacific Northwest/ Island Clothing. We will solution create immediately. All children will be supplied what they need in the coming outdoor months. If you find you have limited gear and need a wash help or off site laundry restrictions, let us connect and find solution. This includes food and containers for food.

2023-2024 Calendar will be posted as soon as VISD posts this spring 2023. Our calendar will mirror the current with slight variances due to when breaks and holidays land.

Books on Separation Anxiety Supports

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