Seeking High Quality Social Emotional Practicum for Your Child in Kindergarten: Consider Klahanie School

Consider Klahanie School if seeking an intimate peer group mixed with an expansive multi-age class for mentoring, with cushioned teaching staff 1-1 student focuses in Social Emotional daily practicum for your Kindergarten aged child.

Social Emotional stabilities have been found in neurological research (please refer to University of Washington Researcher and Expert of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and Toxic Stress, David Lewis PSY.D LMHC) essential groundings for children for awarenesses of anxieties, as well as resiliency practices to move through times of discomfort and possible pain in life. Klahanie School runs from neurological science findings, and on-going annual trainings in varying areas of learning supports and approaches, to create a child centered and intention of time spent with decreased inner stress, creating an inclusive approach to education so children can form developmental timing in cognitive learnings and developments. We can then see how the learner learns and best match approaches and support to maintain confidences for that child and truly “show what they know”.

A full cycle of self expression and mentoring takes place in our nurturing space, founded in Montessori and Antibias Early Education curriculum. Children experience practice of preparations and build confidences and feelings of completion to graduation, moving into larger school settings and expectations.

Enrollment for 2022-2023 year round school year (planned in compliment to VISD/ Chautauqau Elementary School preschool current scheduling) is open now. Klahanie School is an Early Education learning space that values healthy relationship and connection-communication with parents, parent and school relationship is nurtured from kindness-respect and clarity. Teachers value the time working beside parents to seek answers and expertise-assessment referrals when needed. Klahanie School works in partnership with island experts when referrals are needed in varying developmental supports.

No one is turned away due to finances, please contact the school for scholarship opportunities. Registration can be found on our Forms & Enrollment page. Please email the school to schedule your visit. Limited spots available.

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