Reflections of Early Education

I love working with young children. Young children are brave. Young children are kind. Young children are unafraid. Young children are us, before. Young children are the new. Young children form connections, start moment to moment anew. Witness their River wide, and never shall it feel complete. For the wonder of the learnings grows evermoreContinue reading “Reflections of Early Education”

Klahanie School February 2022 Newsletter

Klahanie School February 2022 Newsletter There are three ways to ultimate success:     The first way is to be kind.     The second way is to be kind.     The third way is to be kind.  ~Fred Rogers Reminders/Thank You Winter Break No School: February 21-25 2022-2023 First Month Enrollment Deposit Due Please note: ifContinue reading “Klahanie School February 2022 Newsletter”

Snowy, Virus Packed PNW Winter Makes Us Excited our Klahanie School is Shifting to Year Round 2022-2023!

Enroll today to be part of our Year Round schooling schedule! Respecting Pacific Northwest winter storms, viruses that accumulate during winter, we will have June and July to bask in time together during the gentler seasonal months.

Seeking a Nurturing, Study-Based Multiage & Multi-Year Program for your Toddler?

Consider Klahanie School for your toddler to ease into our school programming in the most gentle and fun ways by enrolling in our 2-3yr class that moves your young child into the flow and feel of our Inclusive Montessori Antibias school. Enrollment is for 2.5-3yrs in our 2-3 Montessori class. Our class is amply staffedContinue reading “Seeking a Nurturing, Study-Based Multiage & Multi-Year Program for your Toddler?”

Klahanie School: January 2022 Newsletter

Klahanie School January 2022 Newsletter If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving forward. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Huge thank you to Jen Salsibury for your clay teachings and all the help creating such gorgeous holiday gifts fromContinue reading “Klahanie School: January 2022 Newsletter”

Seeking High Quality Social Emotional Practicum for Your Child in Kindergarten: Consider Klahanie School

Consider Klahanie School if seeking an intimate peer group mixed with an expansive multi-age class for mentoring, with cushioned teaching staff 1-1 student focuses in Social Emotional daily practicum for your Kindergarten aged child. Social Emotional stabilities have been found in neurological research (please refer to University of Washington Researcher and Expert of Adverse ChildhoodContinue reading “Seeking High Quality Social Emotional Practicum for Your Child in Kindergarten: Consider Klahanie School”