Klahanie School

Klahanie School Type of Program : Montessori Antibias Year Round Preschool Contact: http://www.klahanieschool.org/, klahanieschool@gmail.com Ages Served: 2.5-3yrs, 3yrs-6yrs Description of Program: Klahanie School is a Year Round Montessori Antibias multi-age Early Education school based on social-emotional research findings for deeper inclusion and trust building practices for our classroom communities.  Both 2-3yr Class and 3-6yr class offer studentsContinue reading “Klahanie School”

Klahanie School: 5-6yr old Spots Open in our Multiage 2022-23 Class

Spots Open for 5-6yr olds in our multiage 3-6yr class: Contact us for remaining spots in our multiage class for you 5-6yr old learner. We look forward to connecting! Please Check out our Forms-Enrollment page for details.

4-5yr olds Needed in Our Summer & 2022-2023 3-6yr Class

Balancing our multiage 3-6yr group, 4-5yr olds we need you! Find all Enrollment and programming details on our Forms and Enrollment page. We look forward to connecting and scheduling your visit! http://www.klahanieschool.org/ http://www.jovial.org/klahanieschool/ klahanieschool@gmail.com

2-3 Class Openings Summer Session & 2022-23 School Year!

All programming information found on the Forms and Enrollment page of the website, looking forward to connecting soon to schedule your visit! http://www.klahanieschool.org klahanieschool@gmail.com http://www.jovial.org/klahanieschool/

Reflections of Early Education

I love working with young children. Young children are brave. Young children are kind. Young children are unafraid. Young children are us, before. Young children are the new. Young children form connections, start moment to moment anew. Witness their River wide, and never shall it feel complete. For the wonder of the learnings grows evermoreContinue reading “Reflections of Early Education”

Klahanie School February 2022 Newsletter

Klahanie School February 2022 Newsletter There are three ways to ultimate success:     The first way is to be kind.     The second way is to be kind.     The third way is to be kind.  ~Fred Rogers Reminders/Thank You Winter Break No School: February 21-25 2022-2023 First Month Enrollment Deposit Due Please note: ifContinue reading “Klahanie School February 2022 Newsletter”