Island Offering for preschool educators and parents

Planting Seeds – a virtual group for parents and caregivers on ways to build education and communication on important topics like consent, body safety, gender and beyond! 

Our Spring 2023 session is geared toward parents and caregivers of preschool-aged youth. Please feel free to pass this email on directly to anyone you think may be interested! 

Planting Seeds is 100% virtual and will be held on Thursdays from 7-8:30pm on 3/23, 4/20 and 5/18. To sign-up, go to:

I know scheduling is tough whether during weekends or weekdays, but I’m hoping this timeframe will work for folks’ dinner and bedtime routines. I love participation in these groups, but “earbuds and listening while doing Parent Stuff” is a very welcome way to participate too – do what works for you!

Thanks y’all! Reach out with any questions – appreciate your help getting this out to the community 🙂

Warmly, Collin

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