Klahanie School Thrilled to be Included in VHS Community Service!

Klahanie School 

VHS Community Service Internship (Student Link students welcome) 

Klahanie School will table at the Vashon High School Community Service fair this coming February 10th, 2023 and thrilled to reconnect with alumni Klahanie School students and siblings of alumni as well as all VHS students who seek to explore Early Education Montessori Antibias class environments.


For the Klahanie School VHS Internship Community Service participation, we will be supporting the sustainable creation of Montessori Antibias school routine, etiquette, flow from a prepared inside and outside classroom environments nurturing experiential sensory learning stations VHS students will help facilitate. Student Interns will be able to learn the Montessori Antibias curriculums and our Montessori-Circle Antibias founded class.  Both classes create play (permission-consent) agreements and environment modeling introduction to new students and returning students are the supports as well as supporting young children feeling social emotional trust built in school.

Klahanie School Internship is side by side modeling design for VHS students to learn hands-on Early Education moments and patience responses assisting Klahanie teachers supporting young learners navigate a school session.

Interns will be asked to help children transition, work with kindness and empathy moments and language practice to find out how to create lasting play.  Interns need a willingness to be patient, adaptable, flexible, relaxed and open to the moments shared in group learning with young early learners (ages 2-6yrs).  The work is kindness hands on and readiness for adapting, patience and calm.  Laughter loving and openness to encourage and participate in imaginative play and quiet focus moments is a requirement. 

Thank you for your openness to learning on the job and reading a bit about Early Education, Montessori and Antibias foundations we will supply.  This internship is perfect for people interested in Early Education (respectfully, whole child and personal development approach), love spending time—playful time with young children, patience, activism development, love of nature and all arts, love of Circle connecting and development of healthy friendships.  

Intern’s professionalism, confidentiality of young students, consistency, reliability, creativity, 1-1 attention to students, support of calm and quiet classroom management practice skill-sets are required of Interns.  Klahanie School has hosted space for youth interns to branch to further their education and professional developments through their opportunities in the Klahanie School classrooms.  Below is an example of an alumni Intern’s reflections, 

Dear Klahanie School,

I wanted to write this email to thank you. 

When I interned for you in the summer of 2021, I was in a place in my life where I was completely unsure of where I was going and what I cared for. During my days at Klahanie, I felt so inspired by the environment and structure. The foundation resonated with me as someone who struggled academically through school. I started reading more about Montessori and bought a few of Maria Montessori’s books. After that summer I moved off island and after a few months, I applied to work as a classroom assistant in the children’s house at a Montessori Elementary school. (I truly could not have done this or gotten the job without your letter!) This experience changed so much for me. I have grown a passion for change in education, inclusion, anti-bias, and truly all of the principles of Montessori education. I now plan to get a BA in “education, communities, and organizations,” which is a program that focuses on advocacy.

Anyways… I just wanted to write you this message because every time I reflect on these things and consider my passions, I always think and remember that it all started with Klahanie. The opportunity to intern at your school two summers ago opened up a whole new world for me and I am endlessly grateful, thank you for all that you do.

We hope that this little sample will inspire you to explore Montessori Antibias Early Education alongside our fantastic teaching team and incredible students-families.  


American Montessori Society American Montessori Society) Montessori Early Education approach and Antibias (for Young Children and Ourselves

Please check out more about our school foundations and fun on our website, Klahanie School.  

Please click here for the Internship application, 

Looking forward to connecting.


Klahanie School 



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