Reflections for Family Resources when on Breaks

Last resource note:

Neurological research has proven the importance of Imaginative Play, how important it is in the birth-six yrs brain development.  Joys and growths will flourish making daily breaks to allow your child space to inventive explore in learning: singing to themself, story creating with small figures/ dolls, puppets, kitchen play inside or outside is all just as important to Mindfulness pauses (20 minutes to rest and calm system in hydration, nature walk, books/drawing/coloring/journaling/breathing/lining up cars/yoga, shake out or tapping/ sound bowls/ small crystals or stones to hold and clean).

Have fun stretching in learning moments with your children finding the joy in the explorations through your senses and embodiment in the learning (feeling and exploring the world alongside your child).  This time is never seen again, have loads of fun at the beach, forest and know your children remember etiquette of nature explorations with the flora and fauna, thank you for learning from them, asking them to share what they know with you and modeling that support with them!  Plants feel too, so we walk around growth and do not dig in the forest floor, knowing mycelium is just below supporting the trees and canopy life.  

Head out to any island beach and explore the language of the area in land and water forms.  Match it to the Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum findings, you will have endless fun.  Playing rhyming games, I SPY and other games to incorporate quantity/ memorization practice (songs) and language exploration will nurture the love of learning and in Early Education inclusively and joyfully.  

A resource that is one of our favorites for supporting teachers fabulous curricula development and branches to our learnings is exploring

Have fun as a family, and we are excited to reconnect in January 2023.  

Hope, Health and Heart Kindness and Happy New Year to us all.  


Klahanie School Teachers

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