Klahanie School December 2022 Newsletter

Klahanie School

December 2022 Newsletter

Winter is Coming

BY Jim LaMarche

Dawn burns the sky.

A flock of wild turkeys jostles by.

They pike everywhere, muttering food, food, food.

We can learn from animals, my father says.  

About patience.  About truth.  About quiet.

About taking only what you need from the land because we are just its keepers.

I pay attention to the wild turkeys.  

Suddenly the wild turkeys flurry away without warning.

Winter is coming.

December Topics 

  • Winter Solstice and Festivals of Light
  • Stars, Snowflakes: the intricacies and science wonders of their geometric messaging.
  • Winter Birds of Vashon Island  
  • Introduction to felting and weaving
  • Introduction to Identity Exploration and Self Portraits.  Our discussions will include awareness-introduction of pronouns and binary identified in our community.  Please review the Antibias film and handbook for detailed study and methodology within Early Education settings and beyond–the work is very adaptable.   We will use guidance foundations from Antibias and our local DOVE’s Prevention Specialist Collin Veestran, LGBTQ educator to best practice  inclusive language and age appropriate practices for inclusive conversation.   This will be gentle exploration throughout the school year, how we feel inside (deep emotions and light emotions), our awareness of self and classmates-teachers, and also awareness of the greater world all through wonderment and openness to new and hearing what is similar, what is different and then celebrating both.  Guided by our Antibias foundations, we will also open circle prompts to explore with puppets and role play of continued helpful conversations and language to use in class and garden, and beyond in their practice of inclusion when discussing world and class-family traditions, identity and culture and permission based play.  Permission/consent based play is inclusive, safe and fun large motor-imaginative play.  Stop means Stop, and No/Maybe means No and Stop.  We listen for what we can do when someone feels the deep emotion of fear or hurt feelings, and how we can shift our choices to support alleviating that deep emotion, broadening our sensitivities practices, as well as acknowledgment for the fear-pain is, how to then make it better and fun instead.  Our intention daily is to witness, acknowledge, amends and solutions, “how can we play the longest together?  How can I make this feel better?  What do we need to do to help make people feel safe so we can play the longest together, and explore this as a group and find answers as a group.   And have so much fun in the process.  We will use add-on stories to help anchor us to sharing from the heart and being safe to be creative and cognitively aware.  This time of year is a very special exchange in friendships forming and rejoicing in the similarities and differences celebrations.  We all start sharing more with one another to find more areas to connect.  This is the beginning of a very rich and rewarding time we dive into more Peace Maker explorations leading us to Dr. Martin Luther King in January.   Thank you for contacting Emmy directly via email when inquiries arise, always happy to support.
  • Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan
  • Coco the magnificent gorilla: This unit will extend into January and includes Specialist Parent Katie Simpson who will share about her experiences working with gorillas, especially Coco!  Please view Katie’s wonderful gorilla nest video on our Klahanie School YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0awvqAhpiBjCxpGRKqxbmA
  • Water Catchment, underground exploration of Mycelium and underground water streams.  
    • Importance of trees, forests for preventatives.   
    • Erosion explorations, and soil amending will be a large focus in these very wet times.  
  • Eagles: we have a family across the street and they talk and sing in the neighborhood most mornings and get ready for laying their eggs. 
  • Hibernating amphibians and what we large mammals need to do to support them in our shared habitats. 
  • Fry Bread: December we continue our focus on Indigenous exploration and seasonal traditions within many varying tribes who honor earth, family with Potlatch/ PowWows, Fry Bread and song/dance.  We enjoy Fry Bread with fruit compote made by the classes before we end our month of celebrations together. 
  • Grace and courtesy practice and fun role playing of lining up for airplanes, sitting for long periods in vehicles and acting out packing for the trips.  December through the remaining school year we as a class will do ample story acting (even beginning stand up comedy, group skits, solo singing/dancing).  This is a fruitful time.  
  • Holiday Songs and use of our parachute.

Our short month together we spend story sharing and exploring the celebration of approaching traditions, winter and time with those we love.  We continue to celebrate as a class the gratitude we have for sharing a space together in such a meaningful way, learning and loving.  Thank you parents and extended Klahanie School families for the support of our daily moments of witnessing your child expand their observations and exploration of this earth we connect to.  We educators feel so fortunate to share this pure joy of youth support with such a powerfully peaceful and welcoming group of humanity, thank you and a peaceful New Year.  Inspiring!  Muchas gracias!  Mahalo! 

Just click on the picture on screen below to view the film

This film is incredible because it is all in class action and discussions, as well as moving interviews with Antibias Early Education teachers.  The film and the manual will be included in our parent handbook as a prerequisite before registration to enrollment. 

Reminders/Thank You

  • Happy Holiday Break   No School: December 21 -January 3rd
  • Please and thank you for continuing to Double-Tightly park in our driveways & driving SLOW.  Thank you for thinking of others as you drive, You all Rock! 
  • Cold Days!  Please & thank you for remembering to layer your child in warm clothes, our schedule remains the same of 1.5-2 hrs outside daily.  Please pack lots of extra socks (can be mismatched): socks are great mitten substitutes when needed!  Name labeled binny hats are very helpful as well as pulling back hair.  Some children love earmuffs.  Thank you for continuing to name and label everything, we want it returned to you too.
    • Thank you for layering your child in warm/cozy clothes and socks, and bringing extras to school every time you get some more back home.  We love keeping your children warm and comfortable!
  • Please help Donate outgrown sweatpants, sweatshirts, warm coats to Klahanie School 
  • Please help this Holiday Season & Donate a New Toy(s) & Books and warm coats, footwear, family holiday meals to local or extended Holiday Drives through Heidi Grimsley @ John L Scott, for children and families in need.
  • RE-Enrollment Registration opens December 1, 2021.  Please go to jovial/families and register through your family jovial account.    
    • Please note: to avoid school budgetary learnings from this previous school year with last minute enrollment withdrawal, and the deep negative impacts that had on staff salaries, registers are required to pay September’s first month’s tuition in full when registering.  The annual, one time art/maintenance fee is due September 2023.  Once you register all accounting will be visible in your jovial Accounting. 
    • If applying for a scholarship or need a payment plan, please contact ED Emmy Graham klahanieschool@gmail.com along with your financial forms found on the Forms page of our website.  
    • THANK YOU FOR REFERRING THE SCHOOL TO YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS AND YOUR EXTENDED FAMILY FOR REGISTRATION!  New registers will go through the website Form page to find the jovial click there to register.  
    • Returning Families, to register: please go to your personal family jovial account to register for 2023-2024 Year Round classes.  Please note: if you seek to enroll your child in the Lunch & Mentor program, you will register under that class and will be already enrolled in the 3-6 class, children must be of that class age group to register and recommended for children who are toilet confident, able to transition and can handle full day school setting.  Please contact Emmy if you have any questions.  

Regarding increased tuition for Sept 2023-August 2024 School Year: 

Please note all increase of pricing is due to increased hours of attendance, increase of utilities, administration costs (book-keeping, CPA), adding Healthcare monthly stipend for Teachers and cost of living increase.

Finalized September 2023-August 2024 Schedule and Tuition

2-3yr Class (10 students/ 3 teachers)



$655 tuition

Lunch Bunch Mentors (5-6 independent students from the 3-6yr class)



$1175 tuition

3-6yr class (12 students/ 3 teachers)


M-W 11:30-3pm 

Thurs 10am-3pm 

$895 tuition

Kindergarten Parents on the Fence for Klahanie Sept 2023-August 2024 School Year: Please email the school to schedule your class observation this February to come and observe class in session and time to discuss the 5-6yr curriculum focuses and preparations for students.  The upcoming school year with our increased hours (again formatted to fit the capacities of your highly trained and experienced teachers) will offer ample time for 1-1 and small group extension lessons to projects for students.  Much of our approaches are individualized and offer depth to your child’s developmental learning experiences.

Klahanie School VET Program:  Klahanie School VET Program 2023-24

Please read and refer to our following program to help create ongoing equitable solutions to annual tuition.  This form will be due with your RE-Enrollment.  

Purpose of the new Voluntary Equitable Tuition (VET): 

Klahanie School seeks to be an equitable institution, with as much diversity as possible. Currently, tuition assistance at Klahanie School is a critical component in increasing socio‑economic diversity because it provides a discount to families who otherwise may not be able to afford the required tuition. We also seek to keep tuition moderate so that Klahanie remains accessible to middle income families. By giving families the opportunity to pay more than the required tuition with a VET, tax-deductible donation, we hope to keep tuition and annual increases at moderate levels while increasing the pool of funds available for members of our community during times of need.  If Klahanie School charged the full suggested value, tuition would be significantly higher, making it especially difficult for middle income families. *Value based on National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) national average private school tuition.

How the VET works: 

Fill out the lower portion of this form, indicating if you are participating in the VET program. If you choose to participate, you decide how much you’d like to contribute. The business office will bill both your required tuition amount and your VET amount each month (or annually, if you prefer to prepay for the year). The VET portion of your tuition, considered a donation, is tax deductible.


Klahanie School VET Program 2023-2024

How much should my VET be? 

If you choose to participate, any amount between $1/month and $700/month would benefit the program. Your contribution is based on your family’s economics, the value you place on Klahanie School, and your commitment to an equitable, diverse school. 

__ No thank you. Our family ________________________ will not be participating in the VET program this year. 

__ Yes! Our family ___________________________will be participating in the VET program. 

Our monthly VET commitment for the 2023-2024 school year will be: $________ 

We realize that our VET will be billed monthly, along with our required tuition amount. Important: Your VET is a year‑long commitment that is attached to your tuition contract. Once you commit, you will be billed for your VET monthly (unless you pay your annual tuition upfront). 


Thank you for helping to make Klahanie School a more socially just organization!


Please sign and turn into Klahanie School


Voluntary Equitable Tuition Program FAQ 

What is the difference between the Voluntary Equitable Tuition program and the annual campaign? 

1. As a community and a private school, we expect 100% participation in the annual campaign. There is no expectation or implied obligation to participate in the VET program. 

2. The annual campaign goes toward many operating costs at Klahanie School, including funds for tuition assistance. If the VET program is highly successful, annual campaign funds can go toward other unfinished facilities projects at Klahanie School. 

3. VET funds are committed when you sign your contract and help to create a predictable resource for tuition assistance. This allows Klahanie School  the ability to promise aid to more families than otherwise possible. In contrast, annual campaign contributions are unpredictable, since we cannot foresee how much will be donated for any given year. 

If I participate in the VET program, would that count as my annual campaign contribution? 

Our hope is that giving to the VET program will not impact the annual campaign. We ask families who donate to VET to think of the contribution as part of their tuition and continue to make their typical annual campaign donation. 

What about teacher salaries? Isn’t raising them important, too? 

Yes, in fact, fair and equitable teacher salaries are perhaps the most important goal we have. Therefore, teacher salary increases are included in tuition and tuition increases. They are not dependent on the VET. However, ultimately a successful Voluntary Equitable Tuition program will positively impact teacher salaries because we won’t be funding tuition assistance with the general operating budget. 

Why not pay tuition on a sliding fee scale? 

1. Having a minimum, required tuition guarantees the funds necessary to pay annual salaries and expenses. 

2. VET makes a portion of tuition tax deductible. This is one of its greatest advantages. 

3. A sliding fee scale tuition system would require every family to submit their financial information. Whereas, VET participation is a private decision. Each family decides whether to participate and how much to contribute.

How will the VET program help retain current families? 

The VET program also makes more tuition assistance available for families who just need a small amount, perhaps to help with tuition increases as their child gets older. Finally, if the program is very successful, it would create a “bridge” fund for families who ordinarily pay the required tuition, but have unexpected health or economic challenges during the school year. The fund could help current families weather traumatic circumstances, so they don’t have to withdraw from Klahanie School. 

How could Voluntary Equitable Tuition impact tuition assistance? 

Imagine if… 20 families give $10/month: 20 families give $100/month; 5 families give $500/month. That’s enough tuition assistance to pay for almost 3 full tuition, 5 partial tuition, and more for families who need a little extra help. 

November 2022 Reflection

Your children thoroughly enjoyed the meal making and enjoyment as a class.  And the two week break, from our year round format, was focused by teachers on data reporting and training.  We missed your children, reconfigure and connect while also making time for training and also appreciated the time to catch up as a staff and plannings.  Our great joy is offering them the food they made with such pride!  We have had an incredibly fun, charming, warm and loving month together while also missing some to travel or cold illnesses and travels making our class this November very intimate and joyful as well.  The very wet periods of time have allowed us to practice more for the winter months and put on layers, making this part of our class routine.  We have a lot of fun making up songs for possible added transitions.  Songs and oral stories have remained a great joy as well as Deb’s masterful zoology studies that is just now beginning and will be much more with dog care, introduction, small mammals and small birds.  We teachers continue to rejoice in Austin’s phenomenal reading growth. Toby has created an in-house art studio with her Early Education focus and expertise, we continue to be amazed and so deeply lucky!  Thank you for such a joyful, loving month!

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