Klahanie School Montessori Kindergarten: Blending for Community Collective & Social Emotional Benefits

Afternoon Klahanie School families!

Happy sun and enjoyment today for both the 2-3 and 3-6 classes on our nature walks, abundance of outside garden play and concentration mixed with 1-1 lessons, specifically with masterful reading specialist Austin!  

Please read below for big, wonderful opportunity updates to mix alongside Klahanie School/ Montessori Kindergarten here on Vashon Island:

You have the opportunity to explore blended Kindergarten.  And Klahanie School Kindergarten can be enrolled alongside another island school for your young learner.  

If interested, please communicate with your desired blended program-school and inquire about options (Klahanie School hours, see below) to attend blended Kindergarten.  

Klahanie School would be flexible, accommodating with the entire process.

2022-2023 Klahanie School 3-6yrs


8:30am-12 Noon

Our school’s teaching team values, more than anything, ongoing learning and maintaining what has been seen in data over the years (since 1907) great neurological benefits, when continuing to support the Montessori Method through 6yrs (Kindergarten multi-age empowerment arc) and Social Emotional benchmark-methodology we use in our Antibias classrooms.


We are here to support that process and be flexible.  We maintain age specific lessons-projects, while honoring our Montessori methods of following the young learner, maintaining the love of learning for self and for support of neighbors in class and beyond.  We cater to learners and support them getting the support they need to live the kindest life to self, earth, neighbors.  We embody “Follow the Child” deeply on a daily basis and collectively seek to learn and grow for our students.

Transitioning into any new Elementary as a Kindergartener, we have always supported students annually, the intention during enrollment, is to hold students collaboratively through Kindergarten.  We maintained support of that transitioning for our students and those great school teachers and adminstration.  

We value maintaining collaborative communication for Klahanie students in daily preparedness, and to their upcoming Kinder teaching team about where the learner is, needs moving forward: social, emotional, physical and cognitive observations, referrals and overall highlights in our reports to the upcoming school settings.   

Wonderful opportunity to have your early learner in a collaborative community approach in learning.  

Thank you for the read and please email me back to set a time we can go over inquiries and ideas.  We value your children with the highest degree.


Klahanie School Teachers

Klahanie School

PO Box 13376 

Burton, WA. 98013



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