Klahanie School Enrollment Intention (please read before registration)

For clarity prior to registration:

Being a Multi-Age Mentoring Montessori, Antibias Circle based school, there is Intention to our enrollment.

Our school foundations are based from curriculum and intention to witness, and weave a match for your children for length of time until graduation at Klahanie School, usually three to four years of enrollment. This depends on school transfers and age of when the child is enrolled.

We have a grounding Mentorship Kindergarten program that always has one to two students with our 5yr old elders transitioning to kindergarten at Chautauqau Elementary, Harbor School or Vashon Green School. We get children prepared for the next phases in a complete cycle in our community. These children graduate fully confident and ready for the larger world and usually become wonderful school and classroom advocates. Very precious to witness and support.

Thank you for taking your time to explore more of our foundations found on our school website.

Happy December!

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