Current Schedule Signals Listening & Action with 2022-2023 New Schedule for Sustainability

Dear Vashon-Maury Early Education Community,

We made a mistake scheduling this 2021-2022 school year to accommodate answers we did not have back in November 2020 when we needed to push forward with planning.  This choice, while mid-lack of knowledge, is impacting our current enrollment.  We continue to learn, make adjustments in adapting.  

Thank you for your patience as we try to fill holes in our scheduling this 2021-22 school year and make clearer accommodations for both our multi-age 3-6yr and 2-3yr classes in the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.  There is a need for both on our island, as well as the school’s commitment to accessible education to all who apply, implementation of high standards ongoing education and valued compensation standards for teaching staff,  while maintaining quality insurance coverage and catastrophic savings are commitments the school adheres to and programming makes possible.  We adjust when families give time to find solutions and seek to be here, offer brave vulnerability to share when hardship occurs and additional support is needed.  We listen and can plan with openness to ask for help and time to figure out.  

Students, families are valued.  

With that, we learn from these movements and hope to create a sustainable schedule that offers years of dependability, security, perceived value and multiage commitment for students we nurture and families we support in our community.  

Our 2022-2023 class Schedule will be as follows, understanding we may adjust times to make compatible with CES Developmental preschool times.  Valuing this relationship we seek to make scheduling variances when needed for shared students.  

Klahanie School 2022-2023 Schedule

Montessori Mulit-Age/Year Antibias School

3-6yr Class 



2-3yr Class

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 


We deeply appreciate the families who have remained in our 3-6yr class, and are making due with the new schedule adjustments as we add more children to the school and expand island support of important Early Education to earlier learners in a safe, peer-development support based class.  We hope this school year offers much joy to many lives.  We teachers are planning many celebrations of each child we get to know and support.

Safe and joyful school year to all youth and families supporting these incredible people.  

Warm regards,

Emmy Graham, Klahanie School Board

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