2021 Scholarship Pie Auction: How You Can Help, How The Event Will Work

July 2021

Dear Klahanie School Community Donor-Supporter,

During the past twelve years our intimate multi-age Montessori Peace-Anti-bias founded Early Education school has expanded to include elementary and secondary participants in our flourishing programming.  Annually we are requested by 30% of newly enrolled Klahanie School community for financial assistance and this year has turned many’s lives upside down with the impact of COVID-19 making our work to include fiscal assistance for those that need us most to maintain equitable, sustainable and high quality education for all who seek it more important than ever.  

Understanding the value in backed-up research Early Education affords for Social and Emotional benchmarks which leads to a foundation of safety and calm that ripples to cognitive advancements and supports, we at Klahanie School seek to strengthen our “follow the child” Montessori and Antibias daily work to maintain accessibility and strengthening in program abilities for the health of our community’s youth and families.  While our community/nation/world is facing challenges of adapting back to socialization for our youth, and feelings of isolation and-or exclusion, we at Klahanie School continue our path with added intention for accomodation change in the daily work we offer celebrating difference and similarity, practice of inclusion tools while honoring age centered civic duties during COVID-19 to education how to connect. We continue our mission to instill a love of learning necessary for our youth in this ever changing world, we need your help to make our efforts go even further!

You can help us find a solution in our school community. Your support is crucial to our efforts to continue offering a sustainable, equitable inclusion foundation for families and teacher salary.

If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation of a Specialty Pie or Donation to help us achieve our mission and help our community at large.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go toward helping many families in our community.

Here are the ways you can make a donation to our Annual Klahanie School Pie Auction/ Live Streamed Event:

— Donate A Specialty Pie (Are you a pie artisan?! Please email the school description of your pie donation by July 10th, if it has a family or personal story attached, please provide!) 

— Buy tickets and Spread the-Word for our In-Person & Virtual Dinner/Auction and help us raise funds for families during our very engaging, fun evening of celebration, connection raising funds for our school youth and families Saturday August 7, 2021 5pm-8pm, tickets found on Eventbrite/ Klahanie School https://www.eventbrite.com/e/klahanie-school-2021-in-person-virtual-pie-auction-scholarship-fundraiser-tickets-153058236305 

— Send a Donation to KLAHANIE SCHOOL PO Box 13376, Burton WA 89013 (Cashapp/ Venmo Klahanie-School) 

— Become An On-Going Sustainable Donator, please contact the school directly to explore. School information found www.klahanieschool.org 

— Help Check-in & Check-Out Auction Participants

— Help Setup and Cleanup the Event 

Thank you again!


Klahanie School Board 

Pie Donor Instructions:

Please drop off Pies Noon, at 8107 SW 201st Street, Vashon WA Saturday August 7.  Thank you for the prompt drop off so we can spread the word about your creation prior to the event beginning.  If you are unable to drop off your pie due to the market, please text 206-491-9465 to arrange pickup at Noon from your establishment.  Thank you!  Pie donors are welcome free/as guests to the event!

In-Person Event Instructions:

Please arrive at the VHS parking lot for your 4:45pm shuttle to the event.  Shuttle will depart at 4:45pm and bring you back to your car by 8:15-8:30pm.  Parking unavailable at site event.  Thank you for the help in our intimate neighborhood.

Virtual Event Instructions:

Please swing through our Checkin tent, 3-4pm at the corner of 204th and 81st where you will receive your bidding number and dinner to-go.  

Virtual Participant Picking Up A Pie:

Please come to 8107 SW 201st Street 8:15 pm-9pm to pick up the Pie you won!  

Please text 206-276-0861 for instructions and support.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Virtual bidders are required immediate payment of won items via Venmo or Cashapp Klahanie-School with “Pie auction pie #” listing the pie number.  Thank you for the help!
  • We will also accept local checks at pickup if you purchase more than one pie. 

Thank you everyone and very happy pie fun-funds raising to all!

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