We Create Peace @ Klahanie School!

Beyond proud to share this magic when circle connecting, trust building and play let to go free is established in our Montessori Peace-Antibias outdoor-indoor groups @Klahanie School :

Conflict arose in play:

Friends seen initiated Circle to take turns speaking from the heart “When you…, I felt(feel)…”

Taking turns Listening from Heart “I hear you felt… when ….”.

Once round of stories shared, round of solution is taken seriously and heartfelt (they take turns with the talking piece and practice of bodies engaged/ facing and stating back facts and feelings).

The solutions become the Shared Values! The solution is deeply creative and immediate.

They then “pancake hands” and say “we now create peace.”

Teamwork play is created and this processes repeated.

Find your Heart Communication Life Raft and use it!

-Please refer to Compassionate Listening & NVC processing, Teen Talking Circles foundations

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