Klahanie School: 5-6yr old Spots Open in our Multiage 2022-23 Class

Spots Open for 5-6yr olds in our multiage 3-6yr class: Contact us for remaining spots in our multiage class for you 5-6yr old learner. We look forward to connecting! Please Check out our Forms-Enrollment page for details.

Redbone: Come and Get Your Love Live

A favorite 💟💜 https://youtube.com/watch?v=U0J6vURwLSc&feature=share Our music circle this morning was determined on volume ratings from low, medium to jam/feel it out UP. We had a variety of drums and bells. Circle, we agreed and each volume had its own song we improvised with checkin in between volume/song. Those needing more quiet moved out of theContinue reading “Redbone: Come and Get Your Love Live”