Interest for Klahanie School Year Round: community feedback welcomed

Interested in community feedback about Klahanie School transitioning to Year Round #yearroundschools contact us with inquiries & ideas ❤️ Our school seeks to create community understood needs with expansion of our Montessori programming, and participate in data gathering to look over the years what can hold students anchored in supports–to educational focuses–to joy and–to thenContinue reading “Interest for Klahanie School Year Round: community feedback welcomed”

Bookmobile | Tillamook County OR

Bookmobile | Tillamook County OR — Read on Really proud to have been a child recipient of such a valuable resource which made my first library experiences so magical. Being a mobile library, we children that lived in Hebo, OR (represent:), off hwy22 were so fortunate to have access to literature and catering toContinue reading “Bookmobile | Tillamook County OR”

Circle Builds Our School Trust for Staff

Today pieces to our team trust building staff council through Circle flow and prompts to connection and sharing from the heart and feel into the work of each day with youth. Any other intimate or larger staffed spaces-orgs, groups, businesses encouraged to look at training spaces such as Teen Talking Circles and One Circle FoundationContinue reading “Circle Builds Our School Trust for Staff”