Klahanie School Enrollment Intention (please read before registration)

For clarity prior to registration: Being a Multi-Age Mentoring Montessori, Antibias Circle based school, there is Intention to our enrollment. Our school foundations are based from curriculum and intention to witness, and weave a match for your children for length of time until graduation at Klahanie School, usually three to four years of enrollment. ThisContinue reading “Klahanie School Enrollment Intention (please read before registration)”

Klahanie School December 2021 Newsletter

Klahanie School December 2021 Newsletter Winter is Coming BY Jim LaMarche Dawn burns the sky. A flock of wild turkeys jostles by. They pike everywhere, muttering food, food, food. We can learn from animals, my father says.   About patience.  About truth.  About quiet. About taking only what you need from the land because we areContinue reading “Klahanie School December 2021 Newsletter”